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Our stalls are £17.50 per table (2021 Rates), however if you book 3 or more events and pay in full the price is reduced to £48.50 for 3 Fairs. ( No Reserves)

Payment options

Please make Payment as soon as you have filled Booking Form in so that this will secure your Table for this Event.  There will be no saving tables, unless Payment has been made.  Thank You, Also make sure when you pay put the month down you are paying for on PayPal. Thanks :) 

Pay pal details below to:

Please would you pay through

Family & Friends,

Please submit an email to the following email address:

after completing the form and Payment.

Thank You

TERMS & CONDITIONS  (Please Read)  ( 08/05/ 2022- Teresa Dennis - Updated )

  1.  Craft Fair Timings for the Public are from 10am till 2pm, No Stalls are to pack up until 2pm.

  2. All stall fees are non-refundable and non-transferable(If you cancel within 12 Hours before the Event you will be given another date for the Fair there will be No Refund, given from Event Manager)

  3. We reserve the right to reject applications for individual fairs if there are too many similar crafts already on sale. A maximum of three jewellery and three card stalls are permitted at any one event.  Stalls are issued on a first come first serve basis so please do not be offended.

  4. Anyone who is refused will automatically be added to the reserve list and will be notified of the next available fair.

  5. For stallholders offering treatments / therapies: You must submit proof of qualification/accreditation at the time of booking to

  6. You must be fully insured and have these details with you on the day of the Events, any accidents it is down to the individual stall Holders.  If you are not insured, if there are any accidents around your Stall this will be down to yourself for Liability. You would have ticked the box on your Booking Form to show you have read the T&C'S.

  7. Once we approve your application, payment of £17.50 per table (discount on multiple of 3 or more bookings £48.50) Payment must be made when Booking Form is Completed and this will secure your table prior to the event.  If payment is not received when booking is received this will then be released to the reserve list or next in line. No saving a space if your table is not paid for.

  8. Payments can be made via PayPal to

  9. Please if possible, Pay Through Family & Friends through Pay Pal, Thank You

  10. Your booking will not be fully confirmed or guaranteed until we receive payment.  

  11. If you have booked for more than one fair and you are chased for payment more than once, you will be removed from the next fair dates.

  12. You will be supplied with a table and one chair. If you have any additional displays such as banners and rails, these must be displayed within your allocated space and must not block any fire exits, walkways or cause any other health & safety concerns. If you feel you need extra space for this, please contact us as there will be an extra charge for any Banners a 3 feet table £8. Please don't expect this all the time as Covid Restrictions are still in place. Thank You

  13. Please note that if you have additional items to sell on your table that are not listed on your booking form, you will be asked to remove them in fairness of other stall holders. 

  14. It is advisable that all stallholders should have Public Liability Insurance. Craft and Gift Fair, Sawley Community Hall, cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft of your stock or property whilst you are attending any of our events. see no6.

  15. We will endeavor to make this event a success for you by publishing it as much as possible. We would also ask that stallholders to also advertise the event via their own networks. We can provide flyers for this purpose.  We cannot be held responsible for the weather, advertising not being published or anything else outside our control that may affect the success of the event. 

  16. Under no circumstances are you permitted to leave the event early.  You must plan to be at the fair for it's entire duration. You must not begin to pack away your stall until the fair has closed or in exceptional circumstances at the organizers discretion.

  17. Please note that we will not issue a refund due to your cancellation, however, in the unlikely event of the event being cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control we will issue a full refund, or another date. Event Managers discretion

  18. You must arrive at the venue at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the event and your stall must be ready to trade before the public are admitted. 

  19. Please ensure all rubbish is removed and your area is left tidy at the end of the event.

  20. Failure to comply with these terms & conditions may result in you being removed from our database and being prevented from attending future events.

  21. By returning submitting the booking form above, you agree to the terms & conditions herein.