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Tips to make the event a success

We want you to have a great time at our fair and of course, a successful visit. Have a look at some of the top tips below to really help you at one of our fairs.

Your Display

Should be eye-catching using colour and height. Have plenty of items and have a good range, but don't overfill your table so it looks cluttered and people can't distinguish products.


Greet your customers with a smile and a friendly greeting. Don't sit reading or working on a computer. You'll look disinterested and people will move on. Also, don't hog them if they want to move on.

Set up your display at home to make sure everything fits and that you can manage it yourself. Take photos so you can replicate it on the day.


Respect your fellow stall-holders.  Don't approach customers who are browsing at another stall diverting their attention away.  Equally don't hog other stallholders if they have potential customers.


Have items at a range of prices, something to suit all budgets and ensure pricing is clear. Some people will move on rather than ask how much something is.


Make sure you do your part to promote the event. Use the posters, promote on social media and your own website. We all have a part to play in bringing customers through the door.

Make sure your brand is well represented and memorable. Provide business cards and think about collecting details for a mailing list.


Keep your stall area clean and tidy. Try to hide your boxes and other clutter under the table and ensure it's covered with a tablecloth. It all adds to the image.

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